44 Squadron Members

This page contains information and tools that will be important to our cadets. Stay informed by becoming familiar with the content of this page and check it, regularly, for changes and updates.

Where to Find Information

In addition to this page, the best places to check for more information, are:

  • The Calendar page (located on the menu bar at the top of this page)

  • The Resources page

  • Google Classroom (instructions for joining it are on the Training page)

If you aren't sure about something, go to the Contact Us page to find out who you can ask for help.

The Adult Team

To find out who the adults working with the Squadron are, check out the "About Us" page

Get Excused from an Activity

Cadets not able to attend an activity - including Regular Training Nights - are to tell us using the Report An Absence form.

Sign Up for an Activity

Periodically, an activity will be planned that will require cadets to sign up. Details about the activity and the sign up form will be placed here. Examples include:

  • weekend training activity

  • gliding familiarization flight

  • community service event

This part is still under construction


Squadron Standing Orders

This document outlines most of the policies and procedures specific to the squadron, as determined by the Commanding Officer. They do NOT supersede any policy or procedure of the Cadets and Junior Canadian Rangers, but serve to clarify or augment them.

This document is constantly under review. The current version is valid as of: 2021


Visit the Training page for information and support regarding our Training program, which includes:

  • weekly Regular Training Nights

  • training opportunities on other weeknights or during the weekend

  • summer training opportunities

Supply - Everything to do with Uniforms

Visit the Supply page for information and support regarding the cadet uniform