What is Training?

As the term suggests, Training is the term used to describe the curriculum developed by our National leadership team, as well as any local and area activities and events the squadron is able to offer. This section is responsible for planning, organizing, and implementing all the developmental experiences our cadets have when attending any cadet activity.

Training - Mandatory and Complementary

Visit the Training page for information and support regarding our Training program, which includes:

  • weekly regular training nights

  • training opportunities on other weeknights or during the weekend

  • summer training opportunities

Training - Optional

Each year, a number of optional training programs are offered. They occur on a different day of the week than our Mandatory and Complementary training program. In addition, they don't all run during the same time of year or for the same length of time as our Mandatory and Complementary training program.

Training - Summer

Each year we get updated information about the training opportunities being offered during the summer. Check out the details on our Summer Training page.

Sign Up for an Activity

Periodically, an activity will be planned that will require cadets to sign up. Details about the activity and the sign up form will be placed here. Examples include:

  • weekend training activity

  • gliding familiarization flight

  • community service event

Google Classroom Request

Much of our training is done virtually. In order to participate, cadets must join our Google Classroom. Click the Google Classroom icon to find out how to join.