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Squadron Staff

The Squadron Staff plan and conduct the training cadets experience in the program. They are comprised of a select group of Canadian Armed Forces members and civilians. They represent one of the founding partners that make up the Royal Canadian Air Cadets. That partner is the Department of National Defence.

The current staff, and their appointments are:

  • Capt Laura Shand - Commanding Officer / Marksmanship Officer / Orienteering Officer

  • Capt Joseph Card - Training Officer

  • OCdt Arrlynn Lafferty - Administration Officer

  • Mr Teagan McLean - Supply Officer

  • Capt William Gark - Ground School Officer (volunteer from outside the squadron)

  • Mr. Gary Cassidy - Marksmanship Coach

Squadron Sponsoring Committee

The Squadron Sponsoring Committee (SSC) supports the Squadron Staff implement the best program possible by providing funds, people, and resources. They are made up of volunteers from the local community, as well as cadet parents who wish to be more involved in the cadet program. They are screened by and follow the mandate of the other founding partner of the Royal Canadian Air Cadets: the Air Cadet League (ACL). Although most of their work is "behind the scenes", SSC members are visible at many cadet activities and events.

The current members of the SSC are:

  • Mrs. Melody Gibson - Chair

  • Mrs. Rie Saraiva - Fundraising

  • Mr. Sid Thompson - Past Chair / Effective Speaking Coordinator

  • Ms. Elizabeth Bainbridge - Squadron Director

  • Ms. Terri Hughes - Member

  • Mrs. Theresa Lucinski - Member

  • Mr. Dan McQuillan - Member

  • Ms. Melinda Thomas - Member

Find out more about the SSC by visiting their page: