Sponsoring Committee

Parent / Guardian Involvement

Although we have a dedicated staff of adults who are capable of the running the Cadet program, there are a number of ways support from our parents / guardians can greatly improve our cadets' experience. For information on ways you can support us, please refer to this list. If you have any questions about this, or wish to get involved, please contact the SSC Chairperson.

Make a Donation

As a registered charitable organization, the Squadron Sponsoring Committee welcomes donations from people and organizations who wish to support the cadet program. Your donation helps us purchase goods and services not paid for by the Department of National Defence, improving the quality of the cadets' experience in our program. Please contact the SSC Chairperson to find out more. You may also make an online donation through our CanadaHelps account.

Scholarships and Awards for Cadets

Scholarships and Awards are available through both the Air Cadet League of Canada (ACLC) AND the Air Cadet League - Ontario Provincial Committee (ACL-OPC). Information, including selection criteria, application forms and submission dates are located on their sites.