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In the very near future, the 44 Squadron staff and senior cadet leadership team will be reaching out to you – our cadets – inviting you to participate in some online activities to help keep our minds and bodies engaged during this very unusual time. The entire Canadian Cadet Organization (CCO) continues to be committed to the youths in our program.  Even though we can’t socialize, learn and work together like we used to, we want you know we are still thinking about you.

This whole situation is very new to everyone, and we hope as many of you as possible will join us as we try and come up with strategies and activities to keep our Squadron family together – even though we are apart. One of the strategies our Region Command Team has implemented is a newsletter.  Although some of the information is meant for staff to act on, much of it can be useful to our cadets, as well. The first newsletter came out today. Please take time to read it and see some of the great things the CCO is still doing for you.

Please anticipate a phone call from your Squadron staff in the coming week.