Announcements – 26 Nov 2019

Capt MainvilleAnnouncements

For our routine, optional training programs (band, drill team, marksmanship) details on sessions are posted in the events calendar.

29 Nov 2019 – Fundraising Dinner at the Moose Lodge. Parents and cadets invited to help serve from 5:00pm to 7:00pm.  All cadets, their families and friends are invited to come and enjoy the wonderful food! Dress in comfortable civilian clothing.

Things to note and plan for next month:

3 Dec 2019 – All tickets and/or monies from the Behind Closed Doors fundraiser are due this date.

7 Dec 3019 – Behind Closed Doors event at the Lambton Mall. 6:00pm to 10:00pm. Parents are asked to volunteer to sell tickets at mall entrances.

10 Dec 2019 – Community Service opportunity at the Inn of the Good Shepherd. Timings are as per any Regular Training Night (6:30pm to 9:20pm), as is the location: our Squadron Building. Dress in comfortable civilian clothing.

10 Dec 2019 – Any senior cadet (Level 3 and above) interested in a National Course  must submit their application by this date. All documents required for the listed National Course applications are also due this date.

17 Dec 2019 – December Dining-in. Potluck dinner being held at the Point Edward Community Hall, starting at 6:30pm. Dress for cadets will be C2 (either blue dress shirt and neck tie OR white dress shirt and black bowtie). Families are highly encouraged to sign up to bring food for all to eat and enjoy it with us. More information to follow.