Supporting our Veterans

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As mentioned on our last Training Night, the next couple of weeks will have the squadron supporting a number of veterans’ service agencies, namely the Royal Canadian Legions in Sarnia and Petrolia, as well as the Point Edward Ex-Serviceman’s Association. As also mentioned, we understand that we have had an action-packed and hectic experience with the squadron since the start of the Training Year, and some of you may be feeling overwhelmed by all the demands – outside of our Regular Training Night, that we have been placing on you. That being said, these last couple of weeks, supporting the above-mentioned service agencies mark the end of the start-of-year rush, but are just as important, if not more, than many of the things we’ve done this year. You certainly don’t need us to explain the purpose and value of Remembrance Day-and the Poppy associated with it-in Canada: it has been ingrained in our society for, as of this year, 100 years (first observance was in 1919). The Canadian Cadet Organization has played a significant role in Remembrance Day for as long as they have existed. 44 Squadron turns 78 years old tomorrow (we were granted our charter on November 1st, 1941), and we really hope that you – the cadets and parents of the unit – will help us continue that proud tradition. To that end, we implore you to take every effort to come out and support the Legion members during this weekend’s Poppy Pinning Campaign the Point Edward and Petrolia Remembrance Day Parades (we’re only parading in Point Edward: Petrolia just needs a few cadets for cenotaph duty) on Sunday, November 3rd, the Sarnia Candlelight Vigil on Sunday, November 10th, and – finally – the Sarnia Remembrance Day Parade on Monday November 11th. Details regarding these – and other – events can be found in the “Announcements – 29 Oct 2019” posting).

Another, less important but relevant, reason you should be encouraged to support these agencies is that they reciprocate our donation of time, with donations of money. Last year, the very area veterans agencies mentioned in this post donated nearly $7000 to the squadron, much of which has already been used for activities we’ve offered so far this year. The rest is already bookmarked for other activities that will be coming up!

We really hope to this message will motivate and encourage you to find the needed energy and sense of duty to get each of you through these next couple of weeks’ events!