Announcements – 8 Oct 2019

Capt MainvilleAnnouncements

For our routine, optional training programs (band, drill team, marksmanship) details on sessions are posted in the events calendar.

This Saturday, 12 Oct 2019, our squadron band will be participating in the Brigden Fair parade. All cadets and their families are highly encouraged to attend the parade (and the fair!) to cheer on, support our band, and enjoy the fair. Band members will, of course, be in uniform. Cadets wishing to go see the band (and enjoy the fair) should dress in comfortable civilian clothing, appropriate for a fall fair.

On Monday, 14 Oct 2019, we will be participating in our only scheduled familiarization gliding session of the 2019-2020 training year. Many of you have signed up to attend, sacrificing your Thanksgiving holiday Monday, but we hope you’ll enjoy the experience! Dress in layers as the weather and your comfort levels will change throughout the day. Do NOT wear any part of your uniform! Also, bring plenty of drinks an snacks to “survive” a full day outdoors. We will be out in the middle of a grassy airfield, so you will need a lawn chair or blanket to sit on as well as sun protection (e.g., hat with a brim). You’re welcome to bring a book or portable device or such to entertain yourself during parts of the day that are less active, but don’t forget to consider the comradery of your fellow cadets as part of the experience. We will provide a pizza lunch. Meet at the Squadron Building at 7:00am, WITH YOUR HEALTH CARD. We will be departing by charter school bus for Centralia as soon as we’re all ready and should be returning by 5:30pm

Things to note and plan for later in the month:

Friday, 18 Oct 2019 to Sunday, 20 Oct 2019 – The sign-up sheet for our Fall Field Training Exercise has been available for couple of weeks now. We’ll be going to Peacekeeper Park to conduct MANDATORY training that can’t be taught at our Squadron Building (e.g., how to maintain and extinguish a fire, construct a shelter, hiking). Email the Commanding Officer, Captain Mainville, if you can’t attend, otherwise, you are expected to be there. Plus: it’s actually a fun experience!!! More information to follow.

24 Oct 2019, 25 Oct 2019, and 26 Oct 2019 – our Fall Tagging Fundraiser. The money raised from fundraiser this pay for the more recreational activities and events we conduct (among other things). it is MANDATORY for all cadets to participate. Email the Squadron Sponsoring Committee Chairperson, Mrs. Gibson, if you can’t attend, otherwise, you are expected to be there. More information to follow.

25 Oct 2019 and 26 Oct 2019 – Community Service Opportunity. The Royal Canadian Legion in Petrolia has asked for our assistance during their Poppy Pinning Campaign. Our Training Officer, Lieutenant Card, is the coordinator for this. This not only gives you community service hours towards your secondary school graduation, it aligns directly with our program goals to promote good citizenship. A Sign-up sheet is posted at our squadron building. NOTE: participation in this event does not exclude a cadet from participating in the Fall Tagging Fundraiser. More information to follow.

26 Oct 2019 – Marksmanship Competition in Sarnia. Once our competitive Marksmanship Team has been formed, they will have an opportunity to participate in this local competition, which include teams from other Sea, Army, and Air Cadet units in the surrounding area. NOTE: participation in this event does not exclude a cadet from participating in the Fall Tagging Fundraiser (i.e., plan to sign up for the 24 and 25 Oct Tagging sessions). More information to follow.

1 Nov 2019 – Regional Orienteering Competition in Ottawa. Our female Orienteering Team won the silver medal at the Zone Orienteering Competition last month (CONGRATULATIONS!!!). This means they will be representing our Zone, Squadron, families, and selves in the Regional Competition. More information to follow.