Field Training Dress for FTX

Capt MainvilleAnnouncements

Any and ALL cadets may wear their rank on their field training dress, but ONLY if they have a complete set of the approved clothing. The complete set includes: appropriate field boots, Olive Drab combat pants, Olive Drab combat shirt, cadet blue T-shirt, and Air Force blue beret with Air Cadet cap badge sewn on it (or cadet touque). The Supply Officer, OCdt Arrlynn Lafferty, has a number of the combat pants, combat shirts, cadet blue T-shirts, and cadet touques available to BORROW. If you wish to be issued these items, she will be in the Supply Office over the next 3 Tuesdays (1, 8, and 15 Oct) starting at 5:00pm.

Field boots must be purchased at cadet’s own expense. The appropriate field boots have the following requirements: colour brown preferred (Black and tan acceptable); temperate weather (rated for 4 – 35 degrees Celsius); minimum 15 cm maximum 23 cm height, measured from the inside boot to top of highest point; and sole must be non-marking, POL and acid resistant nitrile rubber outsole. The boot laces must be cross laced as per the Dress Instructions (Figure 2-2-H, page 2-2-14).

Berets must also be purchased at cadet’s own expense. The following are officially recognized distributors of berets: Joe Drouin Enterprises, and Canex. Cadets may obtain berets from other sources (e.g., surplus store), so long as they are official CAF Air Force berets. Once obtained, the Supply Officer can issue a Air Cadet cap badge to sew on it. If you cannot obtain a beret, you can wear a cadet touque.