Announcements – 17 Sep 2019

Capt MainvilleAnnouncements

For our routine, optional training programs (band, drill team, effective speaking, marksmanship, orienteering) details on sessions are posted in the events calendar ( Note that Orienteering has 2 sessions this week, including one going to Cambridge (Saturday). The first session of the Band also occurs this week (Thursday): Let’s have a great turn out!

Next Tuesday, 24 Oct 2019, the squadron will be conducting a Community Service activity. Cadets will meet at the Squadron Building at the normal time. We will then walk over to the Inn of the Good Shepherd (only 1 block away from us) and assist them with their food drive initiative. Following that, we will return to the Squadron Building for the remainder of the evening until dismissal. PLEASE DRESS IN COMFORTABLE CIVILIAN CLOTHING: we may be moving boxes/bags of food items.

All cadets received the 2019 Fundraising package from the Squadron Sponsoring Committee (SSC) Chairperson, Mrs Gibson tonight. Please review it and add these important events to your calendars.

Reminder that there are two mandatory training events occurring in mid October: Gliding (which is a requirement for all first year cadets) and our fall training exercise weekend. The basic details are in the events calendar. More details to follow. NOTE: we have been assigned our one and only gliding session of the 2019/2020 year on Thanksgiving Monday (14 Oct 2019). We hope you will be able to adjust your schedules such that you will be able to attend.