Welcome back to Returning Cadets – 3 Sep 2019

Capt MainvilleAnnouncements

Welcome back to another active year at 44 Squadron!

Tuesday, September 3rd, 2019 will be Welcome Back BBQ and Administration Night for all current 44 Squadron Cadets.  A description of what the night will look like is described below.

All current cadets – and at least 1 of their parents/guardians – are asked to arrive at our Squadron Building (302 Devine Street) by 1900hrs in civilian dress. At this time, the Squadron Sponsoring Committee will be hosting a small Welcome Back BBQ. Hamburgers, Hotdogs, and drinks will be available. This is a great time to reconnect with your fellow cadets and their families, as well as meet many of our new recruits and their families – who have also been invited to this event.

Once you’ve enjoyed some food and socializing please do the following:

Step 1 – Please proceed directly to Hercules Hangar (the classroom directly across from the Main Office) where the Administrative Officer (Admin O), OCdt Hemstreet, will provide you with an Annual Validation form.  Parents/guardians are to read through the form to confirm or correct that we have the proper contact information (address, phone numbers, email addresses, etc).  Any changes can be made directly on the form.  Parents/guardians must also answer a simple Yes/No medical question regarding their cadet, then sign and date the form.  Once complete, return the form to the Admin O.

Step 2 – Please proceed to Spitfire Hangar (the classroom directly across from the Squadron Sponsoring Committee (SSC) Office (a.k.a., the kitchen)) to pay (or make arrangements to pay) the $60 Annual Assessment fee to the SSC member present.

Step 3 – Please proceed to the Supply Office (upstairs on the main landing outside the Parade Square) to meet the Supply Officer (Sup O), CI Lafferty. This is the time for you to inform her of any uniform needs (e.g., you’ve outgrown a uniform part over the summer).  This, of course, means that all cadets are to try on their uniforms BEFORE arriving that night. You will also have to complete a Uniform Parts Size Update Form that must be completed and handed back to the Supply Officer no later than 10 Sep 2019. Hardcopies of this form will be available at the Supply Office for those who are not able to print the form.

Step 4 – A Staff member will be present near the near the top of the stairs with any sign-up forms for upcoming activities.  We’re planning to go to London for a physical fitness adventure on the September 14th and Gliding on October 14th (Yes, we know this is Thanksgiving Monday, but we don’t get to choose the date)!!

Step 5 – A Staff member will be present near the main entrance to distribute a newsletter/calendar.

Following these 5 steps, cadets in Levels 1 to 4 are free to leave.  Cadets in Level 5 are asked to stay as they will be attending a Training Meeting from 2000hrs to approximately 2030hrs. The Training Officer (Trg O), Lt Card will provide details.

Hope to see all of you then!!