CO’s Message for 2018-2019 Training Year

Capt MainvilleAnnouncements

Today we celebrated the official end to our training year by conducting our Annual Ceremonial Review.  I was so pleased to see so many supporters in the audience: family members and friends of cadets and staff, community leaders and representatives from so many area service groups and organizations, as well as alumni.  The cadets, I’m confident, had an overwhelming feeling of support and pride to see so many people come to witness their performance and successes.  The wonderful words of praise, support and encouragement that came from the various speakers, I’m sure, gave everyone involved with the Squadron a feeling of pride. I can’t say enough how difficult it was for me to take a 6 month Leave of Absence this year and witness, from a distance, how the efforts of our cadets, staff and sponsors, alumni, and members of the community resulted in an amazing training year.  It’s been said before, and I truly believe, that the success of the Program relies on so many individuals and groups working together to support a common goal: to provide an engaging experience to our community’s youth that will help them to develop into valuable, contributing members of our great society.  I look forward to more wonderful experiences with this great Squadron and community.

Captain Gaetan Mainville, CD

Proud Commanding Officer of 44 Sarnia Imperial Squadron