More Promotions!!

Capt MainvilleAnnouncements

Hopefully everyone’s long weekend is going well!  Thank you to those cadets, staff, Squadron Sponsoring Committee (SSC) members and families who chose to allocate some of their long weekend supporting the SSC’s Tagging Fundraiser.  Your efforts will benefit the whole Squadron!!

Recall that promotions to the rank of Sergeant occurred this past Regular Training Night.  During the upcoming Regular Training Night (9 Oct 2018), more promotions will occur: promotions to Flight Sergeant.  The promotions will be conducted during Closing Parade at 9:00pm (21oohrs).  Families are, of course, welcome and encouraged to attend to witness these promotions!  It should be noted that there are more stringent criteria for promotion to Flight Sergeant and that not all current, eligible Sergeants will be promoted.  Each Sergeant will be informed of what they need to do to earn the promotion, and be given an opportunity to address these needs in the near future.

Hope to see everyone there!!