Current 44 Squadron Cadets – Supply Information

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The following is meant to provide more information regarding Step 3 (proceed to Supply) for all current 44 Squadron Cadets when they come in for our Administration Night on Tuesday, September 4th, 2018. It will also apply to a future uniform exchanges through Supply.

When you try on your uniform BEFORE arriving on the 4th, please ensure that all uniform parts that require exchanging are CLEAN.  Any uniform part requiring exchanging MUST be brought in and handed in to Supply in order for a replacement item to be issued/ordered.  For Tunics, ensure all badges (except shoulder flashes) have been carefully removed and that there are no stray sewing threads left in the jacket.  Tunics brought in with badges still in place and/or stray sewing threads will not be accepted, nor will a replacement be issued/ordered.


We will still be in C-2B – Summer Routine Training Dress for the remainder of September, which means you will wear boots, socks, pants, belt, collared shirt and wedge.  If any of these items do not fit – and have not been replaced by Supply – do NOT attend a cadet event in your uniform.  Instead, please wear a white, collard shirt (it may be long-sleeved or short-sleeved) and black pants (not athletic style) that have no “extra” holes or rips in them, and clean, comfortable shoes.  The shoes must cover the whole foot and provide arch support (e.g., clean dress shoe, casual shoe;  NO sandals or flip-flops).

We will be in C-1 – Ceremonial Dress (same as Summer Dress, plus tie and tunic with medals) for the Battle of Britain parade on September 16th.  Same rule above applies: if you can’t fit in all of the required uniform parts, do NOT attend the parade in uniform.  Instead, arrive in a white collared dress shirt with a respectable neck tie (conservative colours please), dark dress pants and dress shoes.

Thank you!