Announcments from April 24, 2018

Lt GarkAnnouncements

The following are the announcements from tonight:

  1. Power famil flying will take place for the 9 cadets signed up Wednesday April 25, 330pm to 5pm. Cadets are to wear appropriate civilian attire and must have their health cards. This will take place at Huron Flight Centre (Hangar 1, 1500 Airport Road Sarnia)
  2. Drill Team Practice Wednesday April 25 and Monday April 30 7pm to 9pm.
  3. Tagging this weekend, remember to show up at the LHQ prior to your shift to get your box and location. Your parents are to pick you up from here at the end of your shift as well.
  4. Band practice Sunday April 29, 630pm to 9pm
  5. Next Tuesday is a COs parade, this means FULL DRESS
  6. Our Spring FTX will take place May 11-13. More details to follow.
  7. Our Spring Gliding date is 27 May and we have 40 slots available. More details to follow.