Announcements from 20 March 18

Lt GarkAnnouncements

The following are the announcements from tonight:

  1. Rifle Team will practice Wednesday March 21, and Thursday March 22 630pm to 9pm.
  2. Effective Speaking will be Thursday March 22, 630pm to 8pm. This is the final practice!
  3. Saturday will be the Small Arms trainer for all cadets who have signed up.
  4. Band will practice Sunday March 25th 630pm to 9pm.
  5. Drill Team Practice is Monday March 26 7pm to 9pm.
  6. There is a meeting for all SRNCOs (Sgts and above) with Lt. Gark next Tuesday at 6pm.
  7. Next week will be the last week to return cash calendars to the sponsoring committee, if any are to be returned after Tuesday night cadets are to contact Mrs. Gibson.