Announcements from January 30th, 2018

Capt MainvilleAnnouncements

Wednesday, 31 Jan 18:

-7pm to 9pm – interview prep for all cadets applying for National Courses

-7pm to 8:30pm – Drone Observer training session for cadets who have been attending.  Please bring the Flight Card (sheet with the checklists) that was handed out during the last training session

Thursday, 1 Feb 18:

-6:30pm to 9pm – Rifle Team Practice

Reminder: there is no Band Rehearsal this week.

Monday, 5 Feb 18:

-7pm to 9pm – Drill Team Practice

Tuesday, 6 Feb 18:

-7pm to 7:30pm – CO’s Parade.  There will some presentations (including promotions)

Future Dates to Note:

Saturday, 10 Feb 18 – National Course Interviews from 8am to 5pm – more details to follow

Sunday, 11 Feb 18 – Senior Cadet Seminar (current Sgts and above) from 10:30am to 3:30pm – more details to follow

Tuesday, 13 Feb 18 – Merit Review Board – more details to follow