Social Media and Where to find Us

CI LambeAnnouncements

I would just like to make a quick post outlining our official public social media/websites and what to expect from each:

This website: Here you will find our upcoming events calendar, photo galleries, news posts, as well as resources for your cadet. Also, stay tuned for some cool things as we ramp up for our 75th anniversary!

Twitter: Here you can find out latest posts, as well as information from any currently happening events we are participating in. Cadets on an FTX? Check here to see if we have any update posts, images, or videos to share!

Facebook: Mostly the same as Twitter when it comes to news, but expect less in the way of live event posts, and expect more post-event coverage like photo galleries.

In both of these locations, new posts on this site will be linked so feel free to follow one, two, or all three of our official locations!

To note, those who are in either of our Facebook groups, those will remain as they are, though only the closed group is considered official. This group is invite only and will stay that way to allow us an additional moderated platform to share updates and offer a group setting to find help or have questions answered. The public group is not official and is run by the admins of the group.

With all that said please like, follow, and share these pages!